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Our Nursery gently introduces your child into the world of learning

The Nursery & Reception Classes

In the Nursery children are gently introduced to the idea of ‘big school’.  As our Nursery is small is allows staff to spend significant amounts of time with each child and lay the foundation for academic study, alongside opportunities for play, creativity, outdoor education and sport.

We provide a warm and friendly atmosphere where children feel safe, happy and learn to enjoy education through play and learning in small groups.  Children are given the opportunity to gain both independence and a positive self-image whilst broadening their knowledge, skills and understanding of the world around them through a range of child initiated and adult-led activities, both in and outside the classroom.

Once a week we go to our Forest School where we satisfy the children’s natural curiosity, explore and investigate the environment.   We also love to experiment and spend time cooking and learning all about science.  We have installed an interactive white board in the Early Years Department which promotes the use of IT skills.  This is supported by the use of computers in each room.  Creativity and the development of a lively imagination is encouraged through drama, art, music and dance. Sport lessons promote physical development whilst Spanish lessons spark an interest in language; these classes are taught by specialist teachers from the main school.  School hours are 8.30 – 12.00 five days per week with the option of before and after school care. Breakfast starts at 7.45am until 8.00am. Early Birds 8.00am until 8.25am. Lunch 12.00pm until 1.30pm. Extended Care 12.00pm until 6pm.

Holiday club is available during all school breaks, ensuring year round care for working parents.  This is provided by SuperCamps, details of which can be found on their website.


The Reception class attends for a full day; wrap around care is available as in the Nursery.  School ends at 4.00pm.

The children’s academic progress continues into our Reception class, were we encourage them to become independent learners.  Our children thrive in the carefully structured hands-on learning environment where we provide varied experiences at each child’s developmental level which we believe encourages academic success.

Pupils are provided with academic and developmental building blocks, enabling them to make a positive start to life at school.  They learn to listen, sit properly, take instruction and work on small group projects and tasks.  Numeracy and literacy skills are important and we consolidate these alongside a stimulating and creative learning programme which includes sports, music, drama, dance, forest school and also Spanish.  These lessons are taken by specialist teachers which enable us to combine the best elements of teaching with the ability to be able to learn through play as well.  Our pupils are encouraged to learn self-sufficiency and we promote old-fashioned manners such as learning to look adults in the eye when they are talking to them and say their ‘please’ and ‘thank you’s’!

Each individual child is given the opportunity to reach their full potential in whichever area they excel in and to help them build confidence in themselves and their abilities

We follow and enhance upon the Early Years Foundation Stage.

The 7 areas of learning are:

·         Personal Social and Emotional development

·         Communication and Language

·         Literacy

·         Mathematics

·         Understanding the World

·         Physical Development

·         Expressive arts and design


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