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Termly Fees 2017/18


Nursery (8.30am to 12.00pm)                                                     £1720.00

Tuition Fees – Foundation                                                             £3440.00

Tuition Fees – Years 1 to 2                                                            £3470.00

Tuition Fees – Years 3 to 4                                                            £4000.00

Tuition Fees – Years 5 to 6                                                            £4530.00

Tuition Fee – Year 7

(discounted fee for students who have attended from Y5)     £5060.00

Tuition Fees – Years 7 to 11                                                          £5340.00


Sixth Form  1 Subject (group)         £2630.00

1 Subject (1:1)                                     £2880.00

2 Subjects (group)                             £4030.00

2 Subjects (1:1)                                   £5130.00

3 Subjects (group)                              £5830.00

3 Subjects (1:1)                                    £7030.00

4 Subjects (group)                              £5830.00

4 Subjects (1:1)                                    £8400.00


All fees from Foundation to Year 8 include the loan of textbooks (not including texts required for any GCSE syllabus) and ‘interaction’ group sessions (as required).  Pupils in Year 9 to Sixth Form will be expected to purchase their own textbooks from the school at cost.   All external examination fees are chargeable.

Fees for pupils in Foundation through to Year 13 include lunch.

6th Form fees are inclusive of GCSE retake classes, tea, coffee and the enrichment program.  They do not include textbooks, stationery or examination fees.  Further details can be found in the A-Level Options Booklet.


For Nursery children only:

Lunch (Collection at 12.30pm)                                              £ 250.00

Afternoons – 5 per week     12.30pm-4.00pm                   £1400.00

                                                  12.30pm-5.00pm                   £1580.00

                                                 12.30pm-6.00pm                    £1720.00

Ad hoc afternoon care  £15.00 per hour or part thereof.


Late Stay including extra-curricular activities and prep

                                                              up to 5.15pm          up to 6.15pm

Year 3 – Year 6                                   £150.00                  £200.00

Year 7 – Year 13                                  £150.00                  £300.00


Please see the notes below for further information on extended hour options.


1:1 Learning Support (Specialist)    per 45 minute session                  £50.00

Group Support (Specialist)             per 45 minute session                  £25.00


We are pleased to be able to offer a number of extended hour options:

Per Term Ad Hoc
Breakfast Club – Drop off at 7.45am and includes breakfast £250.00 £  5.00
Early birds – Drop off at 8.00am after breakfast £125.00 £  2.50
Foundation to Year 2 Late Stay – Until 5pm (includes tea) £425.00 £  6.00
Foundation to Year 2 Late Stay – Until 6pm (includes tea) £725.00 £10.00
School car transport to and from Ascot station £100.00 £5 each way



Fee payments are due on the first day of each academic term.  As per our terms and conditions if payment is made after this time your account will be subject to a daily ‘late fee’.  This late fee will be a charge of 2% up to, but not including, the date of payment.   Please note that if you have an agreement in place or pay your fees monthly or use Childcare Vouchers, this will not apply.

Payment can be made via cash, cheque, BACS or card. Card payments, however, will be subject to a 2% surcharge for credit cards and £0.50p transaction fee for debit cards. We do not have a facility to take payments over this phone.


Our BACS details are as follows:

Barclays Bank          Hurst Lodge Limited

Sort Code                20-02-53

Account No            20800694


On each fee bill you will see a £10.00 PTA charge. This goes towards all the wonderful activities put on by the PTA over the course of the academic year.

We offer three types of insurance; personal items cover, Denplan and school fees recovery. Details of all of these insurances can be requested from the Bursar.

Please note that if you book a flexi boarding night with us and cancel without giving at least 24 hours’ notice the charge will still apply.

We will always try to accommodate for late stay in the Kindergarten through to Year 2 but this is not always possible due to staff ratios. Therefore, we must ask that if you intend for your child to stay after school on a regular basis that you inform us before each new term on you ‘EYFS Required Hours’ form. If you have not booked in advance we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate your child.

Our after school late stay runs until 6pm and that is the latest time a student can be left at school unless they are taking part in an activity that runs after this time or are waiting for a sibling who is taking part in an activity. Students found to be staying late without prior agreement will be charged a penalty of £60.00 per occasion. Similarly our earliest drop-off time is 7.45am and anyone found to be arriving at school earlier than this will also be subject to this charge unless prior arrangement has been made. This is for reasons of student protection as it is imperative that we know who is on the premises in case of emergency.

Discounts are given for siblings, children of service personnel and for the advanced payment of 2 or more terms. Please contact the Bursar for further information.


If you wish to give notice for any activity, support lessons or your child’s place here at Hurst Lodge a full terms written notice is required prior to the first day of each new term to avoid being charged fees in lieu of notice. As a through school it is not assumed that your child will leave us until they complete Year 13.  Please note that if you intend to allow your child to take study leave you will be required to give notice for all extra lessons.

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