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At Hurst Lodge, scholarships are awarded to pupils with a particularly high standard of academic, musical, sport, creative and performance capability.


This year our Scholarship and Placement Paper Day will be the 30th November 2017.

Scholarships are open to all children, whether external or internal students in Year 6 or 9 on Scholarship Day. Scholarships are not necessarily awarded every year. When no one candidate excels, the decision will be made not to award a scholarship. The panel’s decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.  The following awards are available: Academic, Music, Sport, Art, Performing Arts and All-Rounder. Scholarships come with a responsibility to attend all relevant classes and participate in all relevant school events.  The level of awards range from a 5% to 50% reduction of the tuition fees.  However those that may require more financial aid may be eligible to apply for a means tested bursary.

These awards will be offered to those candidates who excel during our placement papers across the board for English, Maths and Reasoning.  This award is for those entering Year 7 only.

To qualify for an all-rounder award, candidates should offer two or more areas of school life where they have clear strength or potential i.e. music, sport, drama, art, dance or academic. Assessments are carried out by heads of departments and relevant members of staff in order to ensure fairness.

This type of award is for those candidates applying for music, sport, dance, drama or art scholarships only.  However, all students must meet the schools’ general academic requirements and entrance criteria. Those who receive this type of award will be expected to take their chosen specialist subject at GCSE.

Parents of children wishing to apply for a scholarship should contact the school registrar for an application form. We ask all completed application forms to be returned to the registrar as soon as possible in order to allow them to be processed ready for the November examinations.

Decisions on scholarships are made by a panel of staff, chaired by the Principal in which they will decide on the level and percentage to be awarded. Any award offered will take effect from the September following the scholarship day.

Scholarship Day will take place around the middle of November each year. The scholarship panel will announce their final decisions within two weeks of scholarship day.

Scholarships are normally awarded on the basis that they will continue for as long as the pupil remains at Hurst Lodge and continues to take the subject in which the scholarship was awarded.  However, in all cases, scholarships are conditional upon the pupil making reasonable academic progress and maintaining good standards of behaviour and impeccable attendance. Scholarships may be withdrawn from a pupil in the event of a consistent breach of school rules or serious misconduct.  Similarly if fees are not paid on time or arrears are amassed the scholarship will be withdrawn.  All scholarships will be reviewed by the school on a two year basis.


A limited number of means tested bursaries are available for new and existing pupils. Please contact the Bursar for details and to make an application. A full disclosure of evidence of need will be required and any bursary awarded will be regularly reviewed, based on changing circumstances and the conduct of the pupil(s).

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