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The Hurst Lodge Art Department fosters an innovative and questioning approach to the arts, industriousness quickly develops into a passion. Critical thinking and risk taking are integral to our departmental ethos. Students learn to think outside the box and to challenge their own practise this is developed through an inherent confidence to apply extraordinary ideas across any medium.

The Art Department enjoys a 100% success rate in both GCSE and A Level exam results across the Arts. The department has facilities for painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, digital and film-based photography, ceramics and Textile design, including constructed, stitched, dyed and embellished textile work. The department is very well equipped and the departmental staff each have different specialisms, enabling us to facilitate projects that are ambitious, individualistic and technically exciting. We offer ceramics, textiles, art, photography as after school clubs and students are able to continue developing their work in the studios after school.

Costume and theatre design completed by the students feed into collaborations with the performing arts department, leading to acclaimed results in the fabulous end of year school show.

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