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Excerpts from ‘Snap!’ 2014


Dance is non – verbal communication, a rhythmical use of the body in movement. It is used as a form of expression encompassing many genres and is done for a varietyof reasons: for pure entertainment and performance; cultural; social; spiritual; rituals and celebrations; amongst others.

Dance is taught throughout the school from Kindergarten through Prep Preps and Junior School to the Senior School where it is available as a GCSE option and an AS option in the Sixth Form. Dance is offered to all pupils of the school. It gives each child the opportunity todevelop their cognitive; motor; creative and expressive skills within a nurturingenvironment. The department provides the opportunity for students to take part inclasses; examinations; workshops; theatre trips and performances.

‘Will I wake?’ Taken from ‘Crazy Little Thing’, performed at Hurst Lodge School on 26th March 2015.

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